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Accused Of A Drug Crime In Texas?

You Need Tough Criminal Defense

Texas drug laws are harsh for simple possession, first-time offenders and drug dealers alike. A simple possession charge could put you in jail on a felony charge, depending on the drug in question. At the Law Offices of Charles T. Ganz, I work personally with the accused to uphold their rights, potentially reducing or eliminating the charges they face altogether.

Law Enforcement Officers Are Cracking Down

Several drugs are prevalent in Houston and the surrounding communities. Marijuana, prescription drugs, opioids, cocaine — all of these could lead to serious consequences, including jail time. And officers are continuing to target Texans for possession of these drugs.

Did you know: Possession of concentrated forms of marijuana such as oils or edibles can result in an immediate felony — regardless of how much you possess. Police may even weigh food items to determine if they contain THC, and subsequently charge you for the full weight of the food. Contact my office to learn more.

Police are generally not lawfully allowed to search your home or your vehicle without a warrant unless you give consent. Never allow an officer to search your property without first consulting in a trusted criminal defense attorney.

Protect Your Rights And Your Freedom

The state must prove intent or knowledge of possession of the drug. Unfortunately, many police officers coerce people into either consenting to a search or confessing to possession. If you do not know your rights, you can refuse to cooperate in any investigation until you are able to consult with a lawyer.

Sometimes people consent to a search because they are unaware of the presence of drugs. Other times, people confess to possession of drugs that are not theirs because of the promises made by police officers. Couple these two situations together and you have an innocent person accused of a crime.

An experienced drug crimes lawyer will advise strongly against accepting a plea for a crime that you did not commit. My law firm will stand by you to ensure that you receive fair treatment under the law. Call 713-222-6644 to set up an appointment at my office.