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Houston residents arrested with enough fentanyl to “kill everyone in Toledo”

If you drive northeast of Houston for a full night and a full day – 24 hours straight – you will find yourself in Toledo, Ohio. The city sits at the western end of Lake Erie – a nice enough spot, but probably not high on the vacation destination list for most of us in this corner of Texas.

Houston and Toledo were recently linked in a Chronicle news story about three Houston residents recently arrested on serious drug charges in Toledo. The three face federal charges of possession with intent to distribute controlled substances. According to law enforcement officials, the three recently tried to ship a kilo of the powerful opioid fentanyl through the post office.

Drugged driving in Texas is dangerous--and illegal

The support for legalized marijuana is more widespread than ever, but marijuana remains illegal in Texas except for some medicinal purposes. One reason for its continued ban is to protect Texas roadways from the hazards drugged driving. Drugged driving may be less widely discussed than drunk driving, but it can be just as dangerous.

Drugged driving can also carry serious legal consequences for any Texan who attempts it. Law enforcement does not look kindly on drivers who get behind the wheel while high. In this post, we'll examine some of the risks of drugged driving, and what could happen if you are accused of it.

Drug possession defense: You have options

Are you facing drug possession charges? Do you look at your case and wonder how you'll ever prove that you are innocent? Are you worried about the consequences of a conviction?

Although every case is unique, there are a variety of common issues your lawyer will examine to determine what your drug defense options are. As you learn more about each one, you may find that one is more likely than the rest to put you in position to avoid the most serious consequences.

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