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Focused On Positive Results After Domestic Violence Charges

Last updated on December 29, 2020

Domestic violence allegations are incredibly frightening. You may face not only criminal penalties but also a permanent dent in your personal reputation. It is critical to mount an assertive defense against any charges of abuse.

At Law Offices of Charles T. Ganz in Texas, I focus on securing positive results for your situation. I will sit down and listen to your side of the story so I understand your perspective. Then, we will work together to secure the best outcome available.

Domestic Violence: What To Know

The Texas justice system takes domestic abuse – or an act of abuse against a relative, family member by marriage or current or former domestic partner – very seriously. In our state, there are three main categories of domestic violence:

  1. Domestic assault: Bodily injury or the threat of violence constitutes domestic assault, which can be a misdemeanor or felony.
  2. Aggravated domestic assault: If a domestic assault involves aggravating factors such as the presence of a weapon, it becomes a felony.
  3. Continuous violence against the family: This felony offense is when someone commits two or more domestic assaults in one year.

I have extensive experience handling these charges. Some of the results I have achieved include dismissed charges, acquittals and reduced sentences. No matter how serious the allegations against you, I will stand up to protect your rights.

Are you a survivor of domestic violence? I can also help you seek a protective order for you and your family members.

Reach Out And Talk To Me In Person

When you need a strong defense against domestic violence charges, I am ready to help you. Reach out to my office today to schedule your initial consultation. To schedule an appointment, call my Houston office at 713-222-6644, call my Coldspring office at 936-653-4000 or send me an email.