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A single criminal allegation could forever change your life. Drawing from more than 20 years of experience,  the cornerstone of my practice at the Law Offices of Charles T. Ganz is to defend your future.

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Facing A Criminal Charge Can Be A Pivotal Moment

One minute you are on a date, sharing your experiences working as an IT specialist. The next day, you are facing allegations of sexual assault. Whoa. You thought it was consensual. It can be terrifying to be charged with a sex crime or other serious offenses like Title IX violations, driving under the influence, boating while intoxicated, manslaughter or a drug offense. With your future choices and reputation at stake, you often have just one chance to prove your innocence and fight for a more favorable outcome. That is why you need an attorney with experience, one you can trust to achieve the results you need.

Never forget: You are innocent until proven guilty. I am Charles T. Ganz, and I am passionate about providing my clients with the highest quality criminal defense. I have helped my clients get not guilty verdicts in many counties throughout Texas. It has not been an easy ride, but it has been worth it.

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What My Clients Are Saying

“I can truly say Mr. Ganz is an exceptional attorney. He is not only passionate about what he does, but competent as well. He recently took on some very tough cases for someone very close to me, and the outcomes of everything surpassed my expectations. He handled everything very well and was always there to answer any questions or concerns I had. I was and still am very grateful to have him on my side.”

“My son was arrested basically because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was a very hard time for us as he’s young and just starting out on his own. We stumbled upon Attorney Ganz’s profile in Avvo and was able to get a free consultation. After hearing of his past experience, we decided to retain him. That was the best decision we ever made! Attorney Ganz kept us in the loop and abreast of his progress with the court and he was able to show …”

“Charles is an excellent lawyer to say the least! This man literally answered his phone every time I called no matter what time of the day it was. He is also very detailed about everything that he says, whenever I did have a question or concern. He has taken care of several of my cases and I’ve received great results every time! Also, his assistant Dalila was great on keeping me updated on upcoming court dates. Charles is even going above and beyond to help me get …”

“Charles is a very committed attorney to his clients!”

Seasoned Defense
When Your Future Is On The Line

Did law enforcement get it wrong? Did they violate your civil rights? Do you even know what charges you are facing and the potential outcomes? When you engage my legal services, I will answer your questions and help you chart out the course to safeguard your best interests.

At the Law Offices of Charles T. Ganz, my focus is providing zealous and devoted criminal defense. I will work hard to be sure fairness and justice are not lost. I will champion your future and protect your rights to due process under the law. I will investigate the facts surrounding your arrest. I work to secure expert witness depositions when necessary.

Do not lose hope. Civil rights violations could qualify you for dismissal of the charges or a significant reduction in the penalties. Is this your first arrest? Your life circumstances could mean the judge is able to order alternative sentencing or probation. Your case may be difficult for you, but as an experienced Texas defense attorney, I aim to alleviate some of your worry by remaining accessible and responsive when you need legal counsel most.

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Charles T. Ganz

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Accolades And Case Results

When I am not out working on my ranch, I am working to help my clients. This work ethic has made me one of the region’s most reputable attorneys. My clients know this isn’t my first rodeo – in a good way.

While many criminal defense attorneys flaunt their successes, you should never just take their word for it. I have worked tirelessly to successfully defend those accused of criminal charges as serious as murder, rape, assault and battery, and Title IX charges. I am an active participant in the National College for DUI Defense, the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. I have been selected for inclusion in the Texas Super Lawyers and Rising Stars lists year after year.

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