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A Strong Defense Against Assault And Battery Charges From A Seasoned Lawyer

Last updated on June 26, 2024

Assault and battery are the same under Texas law. The official term – assault – encompasses actions that range from a serious threat of violence to an actual attack that causes bodily harm to another individual. The communication of a threat can also lead to a terroristic threat or harassment charge.

Assault is a serious issue. At the Law Offices of Charles T. Ganz, I have an excellent track record in defending people against criminal charges, including assault, across Texas. I’m a well-respected Houston defense attorney with many proven results and prestigious awards. My goal is to fight for your rights and your freedom until the very end. I am here to help you go back to living your life.

When Does Assault Become A Felony?

Assault charges in Texas can result in anything from a $500 fine to several years in prison. Several factors will determine whether you are facing a serious felony, including:

  • Did you seriously injure the person? An assault doesn’t have to result in physical harm; it can be the threat of causing harm. If you do hurt another person, you could face more serious charges.
  • Did you use a weapon? You may be facing an aggravated assault charge if you did, resulting in higher penalties.
  • Did you assault your partner or a public official? Domestic partners as well as police officers, emergency workers, security workers and other public officials have unique protections. If you attack them, you could automatically be charged with a serious felony.

The worse the circumstances, such as the type of injury or relationship of the parties, the more trouble you may be in. Sexual assault charges, for example, carry particularly serious consequences.

Reducing The Assault Charges Against You

When you’ve been arrested for assault, prosecutors will often attempt to gather evidence to aggravate your charges or give you the maximum possible penalty. Even lowering your charges from a felony to a misdemeanor can save you thousands of dollars in fees and potentially keep you out of jail. The best-case scenario: I can get the charges dropped altogether. While not possible in every case, you can trust that I will explore every angle to pursue that outcome.

Seek The Strong Assault Defense That You Need

The sooner you act, the sooner I can begin your defense. To get my help in fighting the assault/battery charges against you, schedule an initial consultation. Call my office at 713-364-0953 or reach out online to get started.