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What if a person under 21 is charged with weapons violations?

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

Texas is rightfully viewed as a state where people are free to carry a weapon if they see fit. The Second Amendment is important in the Lone Star State and most people understand the fundamentals of responsible weapon ownership and adhere to the law.

However, even with its reputation as a state that gives people wide berth to carry weapons, there are times when it is a legal violation to do so. This is especially true for people under the age of 21. Many are college students.

Despite the likelihood that these young people spent their lives being around weapons, they must still follow the law. If there are allegations of a gun crime and a subsequent arrest, it is imperative to know how to combat the charges.

Understanding weapons violations in Texas

People can face weapons charges for a variety of reasons. One is unlawfully carrying the weapon. If a handgun is carried intentionally, knowingly and recklessly, they can be charged.

Those under 21 or who have been convicted of assault, deadly conduct, making a terroristic threat or disorderly conduct in the previous five years cannot carry a weapon. The violation must happen while the person is not on their own premises or premises which they control or in a motor vehicle or boat that they own or is under their control.

Regarding motor vehicles, it is a violation if they are carrying it while it is in plain sight. Those 21 and older who are licensed to carry it and have it in a holster can carry the weapon.

Having a defense against gun charges can be essential to avoiding long-term penalties

There is a natural belief that Texans are free to carry a weapon if they choose to do so. That, however, is limited by various factors that should be known from the outset. A mistake people make is misunderstanding the full scope of the law.

Being arrested and convicted can lead to problematic penalties that will hinder a person’s future. This is especially worrisome for those under 21 who are just getting started in life. The case might be based on faulty evidence; the search might not have been conducted according to the law; or the person could have been legally allowed to carry the gun.

Regardless of the situation, there should be a strong defense planned to try and reduce the charges or get an acquittal.

Consulting with professionals who are skilled at criminal defense, have accrued an excellent reputation for professionalism and are willing to explain to clients in detail what they are facing and prepare them for the case is key to dealing with these or any other criminal charges.


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