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Targeting a specific lawyer for a domestic violence defense

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2023 | Battery And Domestic Violence

Unlike most other criminal accusations, domestic violence can have an outsized effect on your life well before you are ever convicted, and even if you are not convicted. Indeed, if you are later acquitted or the charges are dropped, just the accusations of domestic violence can destroy your reputation for the rest of your life.

Since it is now common practice for Houston, Texas, police departments and police departments across the country to use press releases and other such tools (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), your domestic violence arrest could live online forever, regardless of what happens later. This is why it can be vitally important to select the right lawyer, who can craft the right domestic violence defense immediately.

Public defenders

First, you should already have an attorney when facing domestic violence charges. This is a federal requirement for both federal and Texas charges. However, these public servants are overworked with too many cases to give each of their clients truly individualized attention. This is why those who can afford a private attorney usually elect to hire their own attorney.


When you think about costs, don’t just think about the legal fees. There are many costs associated with domestic violence charges. These include legal fees, court fees, time away from work, potential lost income, additional living expenses, etc. Choosing the right domestic violence attorney can help mitigate many of these charges, which is why you should look at all of the costs associated with your defense, not just legal fees.


Second, a valuable place to look for a domestic violence attorney is your friends and family. If you have a friend or family member who successfully navigated a domestic violence case, you may have a similar experience with their attorney. However, be sure that you are not just getting a referral for any attorney. You need one who has experience with your particular set of circumstances.


And, that experience should not just be on the particular domestic violence charges you face but also experience in the location of those charges. In other words, the Houston, Texas, attorney you pick should have experience successfully fighting domestic violence charges here in Houston. Many attorneys you see on television are not based here.