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3 mistakes that can complicate your domestic violence case

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2024 | Battery And Domestic Violence

Every relationship has its good and bad days. However, if relationship differences heat up to the point of violence or threats of violence, then the law might get involved. Consequently, the aggressive party might be charged with domestic violence. 

Whether it’s substantial or not, being accused of domestic violence is a big deal. As such, there are certain mistakes you need to steer clear of while your case is still in court. Here are some of these mistakes:

Trivializing the charges

Sometimes, it’s easy to assume that your accuser is just kidding and that they will drop the charges at some point. This is especially true if the accusations are false or if there was no physical violence in the first place. This misconception can lead you to relax and fail to make an effort to defend yourself effectively during your trial. 

Even if your accuser wants to drop the charges, the prosecutor does not have to. 

Violating a protective order

Immediately following a domestic violence accusation, a protective order will likely be issued against you. This order prohibits you from taking certain actions that the court may deem harmful to your accuser. If a protective order is taken against you, it’s in your best interest that you obey it. 

Contacting your accuser

Anything you say or do throughout your domestic violence case can and, will most likely, be used against you. Even a very innocuous text can end up in court. If you have to contact your accuser for whatever reason, do so in the presence of your attorney. 

A domestic violence accusation is serious business. Even if you’re innocent, it’s important that you take the charges seriously. Find out how proper legal guidance can help you safeguard your rights while defending yourself against domestic violence charges.