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For gun-lovers, immigrants, a domestic violence claim is bad

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No Houston resident wants to be on the receiving end of a criminal charge related to domestic violence.

Even if it is a first-time offense and jail has been taken off the table, the fallout can include fines and probation with strict and expensive terms, including mandatory counseling at one’s personal expense.

Also, after a conviction for a crime related to domestic violence, other Texas laws and regulations may make it harder for a parent to see his kids or hold a job in his profession of choice.

For gun-owners and immigrants, including permanent lawful residents in the United States, a domestic violence conviction can be a disaster.

Federal law bans guns for those convicted of crimes related to domestic violence

Even if the underlying charge was not a felony, federal law prohibits people convicted of domestic violence from owning or possessing a firearm.

This is true even if the conviction was a first-time offense and even if it had nothing to do with a firearm or weapon.

In other words avid hunters and shooters, those with concealed carry permits and even those who are supposed to carry a firearm for a living may have to give up their weapons or face the possibility of separate federal criminal charges.

Immigrants may face deportation for crimes related to domestic violence

Under federal immigration law, an immigrant, including someone who has permanent residency, may be deported even for a single criminal offense related to domestic violence.

Again, the severity of the incident or the seriousness of the criminal punishment is not relevant. A simple argument that gets out of control could mean that a legal immigrant will have to leave the United States and his life and family here.

In short, convictions based on domestic incidents can affect a large number of Texans in significant ways. Those accused of domestic violence should evaluate their options carefully.


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