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A marijuana conviction can ruin a college career

On Behalf of | May 17, 2021 | Drug Crimes

It is common knowledge that marijuana remains illegal in Texas.

Although there is currently a movement to reduce the penalties for possession of a small amount of marijuana, it appears that, for now, this state will continue to convict people criminally for any type of possession or sale of marijuana.

Of course, the fact that is illegal does not mean that it is rare. Marijuana can be found at many places where college students in the Houston area socialize and also is used on college campuses themselves.

Whether they did make a mistake or were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, a college student who is facing a drug charge related to marijuana can ruin the student’s college career. At best, the conviction put a real damper on what is supposed to be a great time in a student’s life.

This is true even if the student has never had legal trouble and may qualify for a sentence that does not involve jail.

Student aid can be suspended after a drug conviction

After a conviction involving drugs, including marijuana, a student can have all of her federally-backed financial aid suspended if the conviction happens while the student is receiving aid. The suspension applies not only to grants but also to student loans and work-study benefits.

In order to get her benefits back, the student will have to successfully pass through some regulatory hoops, including drug rehabilitation. The more serious the offense, the longer the suspension may last.

A student may also face disciplinary action on campus

Depending on his school’s policies, a student may also face disciplinary action from his college or university. Discipline can include serious punishments including a lengthy suspension or even expulsion.

It is important for students to realize that campuses can sometimes impose discipline for activity that happens off campus.

For a student, any criminal charge related to marijuana is potentially high stakes, and they should evaluate their legal options carefully.