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Man, 40, faces felony charges after domestic violence incident

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2020 | Battery And Domestic Violence

In Texas, people who are accused of domestic violence or other illegal acts against family members and people with whom they live can face a litany of charges. If there are previous incidents or the behavior is severe, they may be charged with a felony. While any accusation of domestic abuse should be taken seriously, those who are arrested and confronted with the potential consequences of a conviction should be cognizant of the long-term challenges they may face and have a strong defense from the start.

Man arrested for continuous family violence after standoff

A 40-year-old man was arrested after a domestic incident in which he barricaded himself in his home. This led to an extended standoff with law enforcement before he finally surrendered. Police were called when a woman who lived at the home was heard screaming. They arrived at around 3:20 p.m. and found her with clear injuries.

The man was in the home and refused to come out, barricading the residence. Several hours later, they talked him into surrendering. He was charged with continuous family violence. A person who is charged with assault two or more times against a person with whom he or she is in a close relationship may be arrested for continuous family violence. It is a third-degree felony with the potential for jail time and fines.

Understanding the value of a strong criminal defense for domestic violence

People who are arrested for domestic violence must address the inherent challenges with the case. That includes the possibility of jail time and the breakdown of a family unit. The circumstances are a fundamental part of mounting an effective defense. The injuries the alleged victim suffered, whether a weapon was used and if there were previous incidents are just some of the factors that will be part of a case.

This case involved a man who refused to leave his home when asked to do so by officers, adding another layer to the situation. There could be personal issues that impacted the man’s behavior. A plea bargain with treatment could be an option. It is possible that a viable avenue of defense is available and can result in reduced charges or an acquittal. A firm that is experienced in domestic violence defense may help with achieving a positive outcome.