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Driving to Colorado? Don’t risk bringing back marijuana

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2018 | Drug Crimes |

If you’re planning a weekend trip to Colorado, a friend might ask you to bring back some marijuana edibles and other marijuana products, which anyone can purchase for recreational purposes in the state of Colorado. Bringing these products back to Texas, however, could result in your getting into serious trouble with the law.

Texas drug laws make the possession of 4 ounces or less of marijuana plant material a misdemeanor. Possession of marijuana hash and resin, on the other hand, is considered to be a felony offense. Possession of a “vape pen” cartridge that contains marijuana oil, resin or wax is also considered a felony. All of these products are freely available in Colorado, so it’s important that Texas residents don’t make the mistake of bringing them back home with them.

Marijuana products can look deceptively benign but police will be waiting

Some marijuana products sold in Colorado look innocent and benign, such as gummy bears, chocolates and cookies that contain marijuana in them. And since many people enjoy consuming these products, they often bring them back while driving home across the border to Texas. But that’s where Texas law enforcement will be waiting.

A defense lawyer likened the situation to an Alaskan salmon stream where the bear has his paw waiting to slap salmon out of the stream.

Penalties similar to crack cocaine, heroin and PCP

Surprisingly to many defendants, the penalties related to a conviction for a piece of marijuana gummy bear candy can be as high as the penalties for a PCP, heroin or crack cocaine conviction. In fact, just one gummy bear could send someone to jail for up to two years in some cases. Even more shocking is the fact that a tiny bag of THC cookies that weighs more than 4 grams could land someone in jail for 20 years.

And how about an 80-ounce bag of THC gummy bears? Now we’re talking life in prison for a conviction. It’s almost impossible to believe.

A young woman who was arrested for bringing back marijuana gummy bears for her sick mother said, “I was trying to find something that wouldn’t be too scary for her as far as a medicinal remedy for anything she had been going through.” Tragically, instead of helping her mom treat her illnesses, the woman found herself in a Wichita County courtroom trying to defend herself against serious drug charges.

Were you arrested for allegedly bringing marijuana products into Texas?

If you were accused of bringing marijuana products into Texas, it’s important that you take action to defend yourself against the charges in court. Even if it appears that a conviction is likely, you might be able to improve your situation and — in some cases — reduce the severity of your potential punishments with a well-planned criminal defense.

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