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There are ways to get your DUI dismissed

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Even if you fully understand that drinking and driving is a serious mistake, it doesn’t mean you’ll never partake in this behavior. If you do this, you’re taking a big risk with your health and safety, while also putting yourself in position to face DUI charges.

There is a big difference between a DUI charge and a DUI conviction. Even if you’re arrested for this crime, it doesn’t necessarily mean a conviction will follow. There are steps you can take to get your DUI dismissed, so it’s important to learn more about your legal rights.

Here are some things to consider:

  • The legality of the traffic stop: Never forget that an officer must have reasonable suspicion to pull over your vehicle. This can include things such as speeding, not using a turn signal or erratic driving. However, if the officer doesn’t have reasonable suspicion, the court may toss any evidence collected during the stop.
  • You can challenge the accuracy of the field sobriety test: If the officer has reason to believe you’re under the influence, they’ll likely ask you to go through a variety of field sobriety tests. While this is legal, there’s always a chance mistakes could be made. For example, performing some of these tests without proper instruction can make it difficult to perform well.
  • You can challenge the accuracy of the chemical test results: It doesn’t matter if you took a urine, breath or blood test, it may not be 100 percent accurate for a number of reasons. You’re searching for ways to challenge the accuracy so that the evidence doesn’t come to light in your case.

There is no right or wrong way to fight a DUI charge. Instead, the approach you take is based largely on the circumstances surrounding your arrest and the defense strategy that gives you the best chance of proving your innocence.

Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone knows how to follow up in the appropriate manner. Even if you know you were drinking, it doesn’t necessarily mean you broke the law. When you know how to get your DUI dismissed, it’s much easier to formulate a plan that allows you to protect your legal rights and, hopefully, avoid a penalty for your actions.

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