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Violating a restraining order can hurt your case in Texas

On Behalf of | May 21, 2024 | Battery And Domestic Violence |

Facing domestic violence charges can be a confusing and stressful time. You might feel the urge to contact the alleged victim, especially if you share children or have a complicated history.

However, in Texas, violating a restraining order issued alongside domestic violence charges is a serious offense with significant consequences. You’re better off strictly adhering to the restraining order and seeking legal guidance to navigate your situation.

Understanding restraining orders in the Lone Star State

A restraining order is a document issued by a court to restrict contact between two individuals. In domestic violence cases, these orders are often put in place to safeguard the victim’s safety and well-being. The specific restrictions of a restraining order can vary, but they may prohibit:

  • In-person contact
  • Phone calls and text messages
  • Contact through social media
  • Being within a certain distance of the victim’s residence or workplace

Violating a restraining order in the Lone Star State is considered a criminal offense. In addition to criminal charges, it can also weaken your domestic violence defense.

The prosecution can use a violation as evidence that you pose a continued threat to the victim. This can significantly damage your case and make it harder to get the charges dismissed or reduced. Furthermore, a violation can prompt the court to issue a more restrictive order or extend the existing one.

Legal channels exist if you need to communicate about shared children or have other essential matters. A legal representative can advise you on the proper way to communicate and can act as a mediator or help ensure communication happens through a safe and documented method.

A restraining order is not meant to punish you but to help protect the alleged victim. Violating it can have serious legal repercussions that jeopardize your domestic violence case and potentially lead to further charges. If you are facing domestic violence charges, one of the most important steps is to seek legal guidance to understand the best course of action.

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