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Social media investigation sparks Texas drug raid

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2020 | Drug Crimes

Social media reporting led to a Texas drug raid in which a 25-year-old man is accused of selling drugs to local teens, said the Parker County Sheriff’s Office. The agency said that it made several arrests beginning on Dec. 6, 2019, and seized different types of illegal drugs as well as $30,000 in cash. They say that young people, in particular, were being targeted by the alleged dealer and that their investigation was sparked by a parent who reported that their teen was receiving Snapchat videos from a person in Tarrant County selling various substances online, including cannabis, LSD and mushrooms.

Police said that they set up a fake social media accounts of their own in order to entice the accused drug dealer to sell them drugs as well. They said that they involved multiple law enforcement agencies in Texas as well as federal agencies to track the social media usage and travel of the suspect. A police spokesperson said that the agency obtained a warrant and searched the suspect’s home. They said that they encountered five teens at the home at the time of the raid who were there to buy drugs.

The Parker County agency said that they seized 1,239 grams of drugs of different types, including DMT, cocaine and cannabis derivatives like vape cartridges and THC edibles as well as cash. They said that social media is becoming a major drug distribution venue and emphasized that police would be conducting more surveillance of these applications.

With escalating police surveillance of social media users, people may find an unpleasant surprise if they are lulled into a sense of trust when communicating with others. People facing drug charges after a social media investigation may consult with a criminal defense attorney to challenge police evidence and aim to prevent a conviction.