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Dabs, extracts and marijuana vape pens can lead to felony charges

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Unlike many other states, Texas has yet to legalize or decriminalize marijuana in any meaningful sense. There have been discussions about reform, but no major changes to state law in recent years. However, marijuana use has become incredibly popular and much more socially accepted. 

People break the law believing that the chances of criminal consequences are minor. Some people even turn to marijuana extracts, such as dabs or vape pens as a way to consume marijuana more discreetly. There will be less odor and smoke when consuming marijuana extracts. 

Unfortunately, people may not realize that marijuana concentrates are actually more dangerous in a legal sense than natural state marijuana.

Texas does not treat concentrates as marijuana

Marijuana is one of the drugs that will lead to misdemeanor charges for low-level possession offenses in Texas. However, that slight leniency ends with natural-state marijuana. Anyone caught in possession of any amount of marijuana extract could face felony charges. 

Even the residue left behind on paraphernalia used for marijuana consumption might ultimately lead to felony charges. Possible charges range from state jail felonies that carry up to two years in jail and $10,000 in fines to enhanced first-degree felonies that could lead to 99 years in prison and up to $50,000 in fines for possession of 400 grams or more. 

A felony drug offense will have a much more lasting impact on someone’s life than a misdemeanor charge would. Recognizing that some forms of marijuana consumption are more dangerous than others might help people avoid mistakes that irrevocably alter the course of their lives.