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How do abused men often end up with false accusations against them?

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2020 | Battery And Domestic Violence |

Probably one of the most famous cases of a man suffering abuse is Johnny Depp. The actor faced accusations that he abused his ex-wife Amber Heard, but after all the evidence came out, it was Depp who suffered.

The court of public opinion was too quick to take Heard’s side because of the latest movement to always trust anything a woman says about abuse. Depp had to go through the humiliation of accusations as well. Not to mention Heard put him through some serious mental and physical abuse. If you’ve faced a similar situation, then you may understand what Depp went through and how unfair it is that men often become victims multiple times when they suffer domestic violence.

The self-defense excuse

According to Newsday, one reason why men often face charges even when they are the victim is that advocates claim women have to become violent to combat the abuse against them. However, research shows men do suffer at the hands of women. Up to one-third of all domestic violence victims are men.

The double standard

Due to the differences in strength between men and women, so many people cannot believe a woman could abuse a man. However, abuse often occurs because men learn it is not right to get physical with women, so they do not even try to defend themselves. In addition, women often use objects to even the playing field, and things such as bottles or baseball bats can cause more damage than a fist.

It is not hard to see then how you could be a victim but also face accusations. With mindsets against you, it is tough to prove you are the one who is suffering domestic violence and not the one committing it.

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