Juvenile Crimes Can Ruin Your Child's Future

When I was in school, most discipline was handled by the school. It was extremely rare for the police to be involved in a school fight or even drug or alcohol possession. Now, police intervention is an everyday occurrence at most schools, including middle schools and elementary schools.

As soon as the school calls law enforcement, the parents should be calling a lawyer with experience in juvenile defense. A child's future is dependent upon keeping his or her name clear. Juvenile records and school disciplinary records can impact what high school or college students are allowed or eligible to attend, along with much more in their future.

How The Law Offices Of Charles T. Ganz Can Help

Criminal charges involving minors are different from those involving adults. Rather than punish children, the consequences are meant to rehabilitate them. But many times, the penalties can be harsher than we imagine.

I have handled juvenile cases in the justice system and have also helped parents in dealing with Texas school districts through these matters. Any lawyer experienced with juvenile justice should be experienced with school removal proceedings as well.

My firm has also taken cases in multiple schools and counties in the Greater Houston area. No two counties or school districts have the same process or procedures surrounding these incidents, so it's important to have an attorney who is familiar with your specific area.

Safeguard Your Child's Rights

Often, schools and police officers will take extreme measures to try to punish the child, but this is not the purpose of the juvenile justice system. If you receive a call from the school or the police regarding your child's behavior, contact my firm immediately to protect your child's rights and fight for a more favorable outcome — call 713-222-6644 to get started.